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Shopify Inventory Management Software

Enter the next stage of business growth with Linnworks’ Advanced Inventory Management Software for Shopify merchants and Shopify Plus brands.

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Benefits of using Shopify
Inventory Management Software

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Scale your Shopify store worldwide

With Linnworks’ Shopify integration, you can manage products in multiple currencies, handle translated listings and route international orders to the closest warehouse, making it easier to expand your business globally.

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Manage multiple Shopify stores with ease

Whether you’re operating more than one Shopify domain for international purposes, to launch new brands or to even run an outlet shop, each storefront can be managed separately within Linnworks, giving you more control over stock availability.

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Prevent overselling with Shopify inventory management

By managing a single product catalogue and synchronising your stock across Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more, Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software will automatically adjust your stock levels as soon as you make a sale or acquire new inventory, in turn eliminating the risk of overselling.

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Enable rapid business growth

Whether you’re selling through Shopify or Shopify Plus, Linnworks enables you to customise your processes to meet your business requirements, no matter how complex. With access to advanced inventory functionality, you can operate at speed while maximising efficiency and minimising error.

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Build a more profitable Shopify store

Make more profitable business decisions and respond more quickly to customer demand, by understanding how well your Shopify inventory is performing. Drill down on your best and worst selling products and draw comparisons between Shopify and your other sales channels.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Maintain inventory accuracy at all times with Linnworks’ Shopify Inventory Management System. Encourage repeat custom by ensuring you have the right stock available at the right time and ensure that you’re fulfilling these orders quickly and without error.

Have greater stock control

Offer channel specific pricing

Whether you’re wanting to set channel specific pricing to optimise your profit margins or to test out various pricing strategies, Linnworks enables you to specify different prices for the same item across Shopify and your other sales channels.

Control stock availability on Shopify

Control how much inventory you want to make available on Shopify. With Linnworks’ inventory automation rules functionality, you can choose whether to specify a maximum listed quantity, a percentage of your available stock, or opt to end the listing when your total inventory reaches a specified amount.

Track the expiry dates of your Shopify inventory

By assigning batches to your products, you not only have more visibility over where they are in the supply chain in the event of a product recall, but you can also prioritise these batches by their expiration or sell-by dates, subsequently reducing the risk of products becoming obsolete.

Use inventory analytics for more profitable decision-making

Anticipate product demand with stock forecasting

Using a combination of historical sales data, supplier lead times and additional information such as seasonal peaks, Linnworks can forecast product demand for the items you’re selling on Shopify and your other sales channels, while further calculating the reorder point for each.

Report on your Shopify inventory performance

With the ability to keep track of your inventory at an item-level, you can identify your best and worst selling products and compare this against your other sales channels. Use this insight to make more profitable business decisions going forward.

Identify the common reasons for product returns

Easily log the reasons for product returns within Linnworks and use this information to identify any recurring issues. Pinpoint not only why customers are returning your goods, whether that be late delivery, damaged goods or something else entirely, but also track whether specific items are causing the most returns.

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Save time managing your Shopify inventory

Connect Shopify with eBay, Amazon and more

With Linnworks’ multi-channel inventory sync functionality, you can be safe in the knowledge that your stock levels will be automatically adjusted on Shopify whenever you make a sale on one of your other sales channels.

Bulk list inventory to Shopify and more

Whether you’re wanting to list new products to Shopify or update information on existing listings, you can do so in bulk with Linnworks’ Shopify listing tool. In turn, save countless hours and eliminate the risks associated with manual data entry.

Automate your Shopify inventory management

By automating your inventory management processes you not only stand to increase efficiency in your business, but you also avoid wasting time rectifying the mistakes that are often caused by manual inventory management.

Drive repeat business

Prevent stockouts with advanced inventory software

Track low inventory levels and determine the reorder points for each, eliminating the occurrence of stockouts. By ensuring you always have the optimal amount of stock listed on Shopify, you maximise sales and stand a better chance of building brand advocates.

Dispatch your Shopify orders faster and without error

By ensuring your inventory levels are accurate across Shopify and your other sales channels, your orders will be automatically downloaded without error, enabling you to dispatch these orders without delay.

Process Shopify returns quickly

With the ability to log and book returns, exchanges and resends from a single screen, you can speed up the process of issuing a refund, increasing the likeliness of customers returning to your Shopify store. Linnworks will also update the order’s audit trail to show the item has been updated.


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Does Linnworks support Shopify Plus?

Yes. You can connect your Shopify store to Linnworks, regardless of whether you’re on a Basic Shopify, Standard Shopify, Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan.

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Can I connect Shopify with Amazon and eBay?

Yes. As a multi-channel eCommerce platform, Linnworks enables you to connect all of your sales channels, whether that be your online marketplaces of webstore such as Shopify, so that you can manage your inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more, from one centralised location.

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Can my Shopify orders be fulfilled through FBA?

Yes. Linnworks has direct integrations with several 3PLs, including Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). This integration allows you to automatically route your orders from Shopify through to FBA.

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