Linnworks is customisable

We understand that every business is unique, and that is why Linnworks has the ability to be customised around your business model. From powerful scripts to dynamic plugins, our Customisation Team can create a bespoke package that fits your needs. Macros

Linnworks has a very powerful macro engine that can be utilised to automate your business flows.

Custom UI Applications

Our team can deliver applications with enhanced graphical interface to represent or manipulate data you require.

Channel Integrations

We can deliver bespoke channels integration via API through our Channel Integration extension.

Shipping Courier Integrations

If your courier have API we can integrate with them to provide you native shipping integration experience within

System Integrations

Our team can deliver middleware API integrations with any 3rd party software you use, anything from Accounting packages to CRM systems

Mobile Applications

We have extensive experience of delivering mobile phone applications that can communicate with your Linnworks account.


To get a quote, create a ticket within Linnworks Support portal or drop us a line at