Stock Control Software

Have complete visibility of your stock levels and stock movements, saving you valuable time, reducing costs and increasing productivity with Linnworks’ Stock Control Software.

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Keep costs to a minimum

Keep constant track of your stock quantity, value and movements, in order to ensure you’re holding the minimum amount of stock possible so you don't overstock, significantly reducing the costs involved with storing inventory.

Have full control over your stock levels

With your inventory levels accurately updated each time you make a sale across your website platform and online marketplaces, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing a stock out and selling more than you have available, with Linnworks’ trusted Stock Control Software.

Improve the traceability of your inventory

Linnworks' batch tracking functionality provides you with greater oversight of your inventory and allows you to track which stock you sold and to whom, saving you countless hours and drastically simplifying the process in the event of a product recall.

Reduce product wastage with effective stock control

Avoid product spoilage and increase profitability by tracking and prioritising your products by their expiration date. Have more control over your stock levels by tracking the status of every batch, ensuring they are sold before they become obsolete or damaged.

Make better use of your warehouse space

Assign your stock to multiple bin racks, allowing you to make more efficient use of your warehouse space. Strategically store your inventory to speed up your picking, packing and dispatch process, significantly the productivity of your warehouse team.

Quickly resolve stock discrepancies

Maintain a complete history of all stock movements within your warehouses and have instant access to the full audit trail, allowing you to resolve any stock discrepancies quickly and efficiently with Linnworks’ Stock Control Software.


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