Address Line Splitter

This application contains a macro that runs as an action of Rules Engine and splits address lines according to the max line length setting in the macro configuration

To explain how the macro works, let's say you've set up the max line length to have 10 characters:

  • Example 1: the address line is 30 characters long. In this case, the macro will split the address across address lines 1, 2, and 3 (10 characters each line). The old address will be overwritten.
  • Example 2: the address line is 20 characters long. In this case, the macro will split the address across address lines 1 and 2 (10 characters each line). The old address will be moved to the address line 3.
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Where are the three address lines in the order

Go to Open Orders and click Edit Order after selecting any open order on the screen. Then, click the edit Editicon in the shipping address section. These are the address lines the Address Line Splitter macro works with:


How to use the macro

There are 3 steps you need to complete to start using the application:

  1. Install the application
  2. Configure the macro
  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen

Install the application

Go to AppsApplication Store, search for Address Line Splitter, and click the Integrate button.

Configure the macro

Once the app is installed, go to Apps > Macro Configuration > click + Add New Configuration button.

Select the Address_Lile_Splitter macro and click the Create Configuration button.


 In the Macro Configuration screen, specify the following details:

  • Configuration name: a meaningful name that will further give you the idea of what the macro does.
  • Max line length: it is the limit if characters each address line should have after the split. For example, if the value is 10 the macro will split the address into lines of 10 characters each. 
  • Maintain words: when enabled, the macro will split the address lines at the last space character before the maximum length. If disabled, the macro will split the line on the exact max length.


Make sure to enable the macro to continue configuration.

MacroConfig enable

Configure the rule in Rules Engine

Go to Orders > Rules Engine to create a new rule and set up a condition for it. Using our documentation on Rules Engine check all possible conditions and select the one (or a combination) that is relevant to you.


For the action, select Execute a macro as an action type and select the name of the macro in the action value field. Save the rule and enable it.

Macro addaction

The configuration of the macro is now completed. Once new orders are downloaded into the system, the rule will run and execute Address Line Splitter macro on them.