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The MacroRun application has been developed to allow the users to have a better and faster experience when they need to instantly run a scheduled macro and to allow the developers a quicker and easier testing method.

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To instal the application go to Application Store and search for MacroRun, click to install. Once the installation is successfully complete you will have a Macro Configuration option in your apps:


Using Macro Configuration


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  • Add New Configuration: opens configuration settings. 
  • Edit Configuration: edit existing configuration settings.
  • Delete Configuration: removes selected configuration from the list.
  • Run Now: runs the selected configuration for currently available open orders.
  • Enabled/Disabled: shows if the configuration is currently enabled or disabled.
To start working you would need to click +Add New Configuration
Select macro that you would like to work with. 
In Create Configuration screen you need to enter a configuration name and set schedules and parameters required for your macro. 

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  • Frequency: Select daily or weekly frequency and set a starting date and time (UTC)
  • Daily Frequency: Allows you to set the configuration to run at a specific time interval during the day or once daily
  • Summary: Summarizes your set schedule

Multiple schedules can be set in one configuration. After entering all required schedules, save the config.


Depending on the macro there will be various parameters.

After entering Schedules and Parameters, save the configuration.