With Linnworks SagePay application you can manage open order payments via SagePay integration:

  • Raise payments and send them to your customers or pay them locally. These payments will be linked to linnworks orders.
  • Create partial or full refunds on these payments.
  • Set the order as Paid.

To install the app go to Application Store and search for SagePay, click to install.


To use Linnworks SagePay application you need to be registered with SagePay and have the following details: 

  • Vendor Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Encryption Key

If you’re missing any of these elements, please contact SagePay before installing the app. Also, an email account configured in Linnworks under Email > Email Notifications > Accounts.

Table of Contents


If the app was successfully installed a SagePay Config should be visible from the Apps menu.


Configuration must is performed before the app is used for the first time.

Your Sagepay Details

  • Vendor Name: credentials used to login to mySagePay portal.
  • SagePay Username: credentials used to login to mySagePay portal.
  • SagePay Password: credentials used to login to mySagePay portal.
  • Encryption Key: a unique key used to safely encode your transactions, provided by Sagepay.
  • Merchant Name: a friendly identification name for your business during transactions.
  • Transaction Prefix: all your transactions will start with this prefix. Eg: MyStore-[orderid]-1, MyStore-[orderid]-2, etc for payments and MyStore-[orderid]_ref_1, MyStore-[orderid]_ref_2, etc for refunds. This prefix has to be unique in the system.
  • Vendor Email: email address used by Sagepay to send you notifications about successful/unsuccessful transactions.
  • Default Currency: this is read-only as it will share the same setting as per Linnworks.
  • Account Type: by default is E-commerce, but if you are allowed to also use Mail or Telephone methods this setting will tell Sagepay which method should be used to process the transaction.
  • Test Mode: If test mode is ON, the system will do everything apart from charging cards, and will interact with Test SagePay servers, instead of Live servers. Test Mode is good to get comfortable with the system first before making it live.
    • It’s a good idea to use it with dummy Linnworks orders and test payment cards:
      • You can find a list of test cards here
      • Test transactions can be seen here.
      • Live transactions can be seen here.
Please don’t forget to switch off Test Mode before creating payments on live orders.

Payment Notifications Settings:

  • Email Account: email account that the App will use to send payment instructions (“Pay Now” button) to customers. This email does not have to be the same as the vendor email. 
  • Email Password: the password of the email account selected above.
  • Subject: the subject line for the payment instructions email. Accepts placeholders *
  • Email Template: HTML code for the payment instructions email. Accepts placeholders *
Available Placeholders:
  • [{CustomerEmail}] 
  • [{OrderDescription}]
  • [{TransactionReference}]
  • [{Currency}]
  • [{Amount}]
  • [{TransactionStatus}]
  • [{PaymentURL}]
  • [{TransactionType}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.Surname}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.FirstNames}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.Address}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.City}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.PostCode}]
  • [{ShippingAddress.Country}]
  • [{BillingAddress.Surname}]
  • [{BillingAddress.FirstNames}]
  • [{BillingAddress.Address}]
  • [{BillingAddress.City}]
  • [{BillingAddress.PostCode}]
  • [{BillingAddress.Country}]



  • Fully Paid Action: tells the system what to do when the order becomes fully paid on a single or multiple SagePay transactions. Options are: 
    • Do nothing.
    • Set order as Paid.
    • Set order as Paid and SagePay as Payment Method. 

Now that your application is configured you can work with the orders.

Check order transactions

When creating a new order or editing an existing order, the SagePay button is visible in the top section of the screen.


Click this button to open the SagePay transactions screen. This screen lists all transactions for the selected order, along with their current statuses and amounts.



This screen also displays:

  • Total: the total chargeable amount of the Order.
  • Outstanding: Order Total minus pending or processed (OK) payments by SagePay through Linnworks.

This screen offers the following functionality through the use of buttons:

  • Add Payment: this button allows you to create a payment for this order. Full description in Creating a new payment.
  • Check Transactions: SagePay should tell Linnworks about payment attempts and their result (Ok / Not Ok), and Linnworks should update the transaction status automatically. However, in case the process fails and you want to “force update” your transactions statuses as they are in SagePay, you can click the “Check Transactions” button – the system will then query SagePay and update the statuses of your transactions accordingly.
  • Send Email: if you select a transaction in a “Pending” state, this button will send or resend an email with the payment instructions so that the customer can pay directly via SagePay.
  • Go to Payment: if you select a transaction in a “Pending” state, this button will open a new tab that will redirect you to the payment portal. You can either enter the payment details yourself or copy the URL and send it to your customer. This can be used as an alternative in case the customer doesn’t receive the automatic email.
  • Refund: This button will allow you to create refunds of your taken payments for this order. Full description in Creating a refund.

Tip: Hovering the mouse over a transaction status of OK will show the payment date as reported by SagePay.


Creating a new payment

In order to create a payment, the following fields have to be populated in the order:

  • Customer full name (Shipping and Billing)
  • Customer address (Shipping and Billing), including Town, Postcode and Country
  • Email Address

If any of these fields is empty it will be highlighted in red and it will not be possible to proceed with the payment. 

To create a payment click sage6  to open a new Add Payment screen. If all fields are populated, you just need to edit the following:


  • Notes: a summary of the order. SagePay will display these notes in the payment portal, so they can be used to reassure the customer he is paying for the correct order.
    Please be aware this field cannot exceed 100 characters in size.
  • Charging amount: this will use the remaining balance of the order as reference. The amount you are going to charge can never exceed the balance left on the order. When entering the amount, you have two modes:
    • Amount: the plain and simple amount you are going to charge.
    • Percentage: percentage of balance you are going to charge, the amount will be calculated.

In either case, the chargeable amount will be displayed at the bottom of the screen:sage9

When the Notes and Amount are set, the payment can be created. To do so you have two options, represented by the two buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Pay By Link: this option will open a new tab in your browser so that you can either enter the payment details yourself or copy the URL and send it to your customer.
  • Send Payment Email: this option will send an email to your customer with the payment instructions (based on the template set in the configuration page).

Please Note! New transactions will be created in a “Pending” state. This state will be changed to:

  • OK: If the payment goes through successfully.
  • Aborted: If the customer opens the transaction portal and leaves without paying or page is inactive for 15 minutes of longer.
  • Not Authorized: Details provided by the Customer were incorrect, or insufficient funds were available.
  • Error or Invalid: A problem occurred which prevented the transaction completion.

Once the payment goes through successfully, resulting in a status of OK, Linnworks will also add an extended property to the order of the type SagePay with the currency and amount charged.

Creating a refund 

Refunds are only possible after 24h of original payment. This is to give time for the transaction to settle in the bank account and for order records to be updated.

Please Note! Linnworks SagePay application cannot read payments or refunds done outside of Linnworks.

To process a refund you just need to go to the SagePay Transactions screen, select a transaction with a status of OK, and click the Refund button.

The following screen will open:


From here you should set the following:

  • Note: This is for internal use against this transaction.
  • Refund Amount: This cannot exceed the Balance of the payment transaction.