Send emails via Rules Engine

This application contains a macro that runs as an action of the Rules Engine and sends an email to the customer's address within an order. You can select any manual template within your Email Notifications screen to be used.

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There are 4 steps you need to complete to start using the application:

  1. Install the application. 
    • To install the app go to Application Store and search for Send emails via Rules Engine, click to integrate.
  2. Configure the template. 
    • To use Linnworks Send emails via Rules Engine application you need to prepare an email template in Emails > Email Notifications
  3. Configure macro
  4. Configure Rules Engine

Configure Macro

Once the application is installed and email template is created go to APPS > Macro Configuration > click + Add New Configuration button. Select EmailOrderTemplate_intern_KA macro and click Create Configuration button.


 In the new Create Configuration screen add Configuration Name and Value.


  • Configuration Name: provide a meaningful name that will further give you the idea of what macro does.
  • Value: this must be an exact template name as specified in Emails > Email Notifications.


To continue configuration, please enable the macro.

Configure Rules Engine

Go to Orders > Rules Engine and create a new rule. Set up a condition for the rule. 


Using documentation guide Rules Engine check all possible conditions and select the one (or a combination) that is relevant to you.


Select Execute a macro as an action type and name of the template as an action value. Save the rule and enable it.

The configuration of the macro is now done. Once new orders will be downloaded Rules Engine will run and send an email notification to the customers.