Shipping Cost To Service

This application contains a macro that runs as an action of the Rules Engine and sets the order shipping cost to 0 if all the items have a tax rate equals to 0. Before removing the shipping cost, the macro will add the cost EX VAT as an order service item with the name "Postage".

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Linnworks Integration Details

Application Type:

  • System Integration

Access Request:

Shipping Cost To Service is designed to use the following parts of your Linnworks system:
  • Open Orders


  • MacroRun application must be installed in Linnworks.

Using ShippingCostToService application

  1. Go to Apps > All Applications and find in the search ShippingCostToService. Install the application. Once installed you can find it in your installed apps APPS > My Applications.
  2. Add ShippingCostToService macro in the Apps > Macro Configuration as per MacroRun documentation. ShippingCostToService does not have any additional parameters and does not require a schedule, however, make sure that macro is enabled.
  3. Configure Rules Engine.

How to configure Rules Engine

Go to Orders > Rules Engine and create a new rule. Set up a condition for the rule.  Using documentation guide Rules Engine check all possible conditions and select the one (or a combination) that is relevant to you.shippingvatcondition

Once the condition is set, configure the action for the rule that will execute your new macro. Save the rule and enable it.


The configuration of the macro is now done. Once new orders will be downloaded Rules Engine will check each order and run on it if it suits the conditions.