This guide is an overview of the SourceUnpark application, including details about what Linnworks data the application requests access to.
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SourceUnpark allows you to unpark orders in bulk based on several conditions: Source, Subsource, Location, and Status. The process can be automated by setting up recurring schedules.

Linnworks Integration Details

Application Type:

  • System Integration

Access Request:

SourceUnpark is designed to use the following parts of your Linnworks system:

  • Open Orders
  • Channel Integrations
  • Locations

Using SourceUnpark application

To add the application go to Apps > All Applications and find in search SourceUnpark. Install the application. Once installed you can find it in your installed apps APPS > My Applications.


sourceunpark buttons2

  • Add New Configuration: opens configuration settings. To add a new configuration, select SourceUnpark and click on Create Configuration.
  • Edit Configuration: edit existing configuration settings.
  • Delete Configuration: removes selected configuration from the list.
  • Run Now: runs the selected configuration for currently available open orders.
  • Enabled/Disabled: shows if the configuration is currently enabled or disabled.

Adding New Configuration

In Create Configuration section you need to enter a configuration name and set schedules and parameters to unpark particular orders. One configuration can be set to unpark orders from one particular source.

sourceunpark parametersandschedules


sourceunpark schedules2

  • Frequency: Select daily or weekly frequency and set a starting date and time (UTC)
  • Daily Frequency: Allows you to set the configuration to run at a specific time interval during the day or once daily
  • Summary: Summarizes your set schedule

Multiple schedules can be set in one configuration. After entering all required schedules, save the config.


sourceunpark parameters

  • Configuration Name: name displayed in the available configurations list. The name won't be possible to amend after the configuration is saved.
  • Source: defines the Source of the orders to unpark. In the Value column insert a Source you need to unpark orders from. E.g. EBAY.
  • Note, only one Source can be used within one configuration parameters.
  • SubSources: define the SubSources of the orders to unpark. Multiple SubSources can be inserted by separating them with a comma (','). In the Value column enter SubSources of the above-specified Source. E.g. EBAY1, EBAY3, EBAY5.
  • Locations: define from which locations the orders are retrieved. Multiple locations can be inserted by separating them with a comma (','). Locations which are fulfilment centres will not be retrieved.
  • Only Unpaid Orders: if this option is ticked, only Unpaid orders will be retrieved and unparked. If it is unticked, both paid and unpaid orders will be retrieved.

After entering Schedules and Parameters, save the configuration.