Third-Party Applications

NB! This page is currently under revision and more applications will be added. See Apps > Application Store in for a full list of available applications.

On this page, you can find applications developed by 3rd parties outside of Linnworks. All technical support for each application is provided by the respective developer. Linnworks Applications Store Terms and Conditions are available here.



Developer: Aimondo
Aimondo application allows searching and analyzing products on different online marketplaces. Then, that pricing information can be used to update inventory in Linnworks.



Developer: Avasam
Avasam is a dropshipping application that provides you with all the tools you need to source and sell quality products from verified suppliers..



Developer: CartRover
CartRover is an external application that makes it easy to get orders from any order source and send them to any order fulfillment destination in minutes.


Ezi Returns

Developer: EziReturns
Ezi Returns is an external app that provides more accurate and comprehensive return information to make it easier to process refunds and exchanges.



Developer: SparkLayer
SparkLayer B2B for Shopify offers B2B ordering features that allow providing to your customers feature-rich B2B ordering.

squareup logo small

Squareup POS

Developer: VakeApps
The Squareup POS application automatically downloads orders from an integrated POS system into Linnworks and marks these orders as processed.