This page contains key information on new features and improvements of Linnworks for the year 2021.


changelogNewBox eBay Configurator

A new setting Local pickup only has been released for the eBay Configurator > Shipping settings. More details here. - February 26, 2021

changelogNewBox Order Settings

A new setting Restrict Order Splitting has been released for the Order Settings screen. More details here. - February 25, 2021

changelogNewBox Account Settings

A new setting Display side menu text has been released and can be enabled in the Your Settings > Account Details screen. - February 25, 2021

changelogNewBox Shipping - DPD UK and DPD Local

A new setting Customs Value Includes Tax has been released for DPD UK and DPD Local shipping integrations. - February 15, 2021

changelogUpdateBox Query Data

It is now possible to select a time zone you are in when downloading a Query Data report as a CSV file. - February 9, 2021

changelogNewBox Amazon

Linnworks now supports the integration of Amazon Poland (PL) and listing on this marketplace. - February 5, 2021

changelogUpdateBox Export Data

A new Buyer Tax Id column has been added to Open Orders and Fulfillment Center Order exports. Currently supported for Amazon orders only. - February 1, 2021



changelogUpdateBox Open Orders

An additional setting that allows to automatically set the billing address Same as Shipping in the Edit Open Order screen has been released. More details here. - January 27, 2021

changelogNewBox Fruugo

A new channel setting Ignore Facilitator Tax has been released for Fruugo integration. More details here

NB! The setting is enabled by default. - January 25, 2021

changelogNewBox Open Orders

A new quick filter for pickwave statuses has been added to the Open Ordes Beta screen. More details here. - January 22, 2021

changelogUpdateBox eBay Orders

The change in handling eBay combined invoice orders has been released. See full details here. - January 21, 2021

changelogNewBox Order Settings

It is now possible to manage payment methods in the Order Settings screen. More details here. - January 15, 2021

changelogNewBox User Interface

The new navigation has been rolled out to all Linnworks users. These changes have been focused on simplifying and modernizing the look and feel of More details here.

NB! No functionality has been removed or added. - January 8, 2021

changelogNewBox Shopify

A new channel setting Cancellation Notes to enable Order Cancellations has been released for Shopify integration. More details here - January 6, 2021

changelogNewBox eBay

A new option Extended property for inclusive VAT has been added to eBay Listing Configurators. This can be used to send individual inclusive VAT rates for listings. More details here. - January 6, 2021

changelogNewBox Etsy

A new channel setting Download unpaid orders has been released for Etsy integration.

NB! The setting will be enabled to all existing integrations by default. - January 6, 2021

changelogNewBox WooCommerce

A new channel setting Download unpaid orders has been released for WooCommerce integration.

NB! The setting will be enabled to all existing integrations by default.- January 6, 2021


December 2020

changelogNewBox eBay

A new channel setting Use Channel Tax for UK site transactions has been released for eBay integration

NB! The setting will be enabled to all by default and starts applying to orders starting from January 1st, 2021.

More details here. - December 23, 2020

changelogUpdateBox Open Orders Beta

When editing a view in Open Orders Beta, the row height now adjusts to fit all selected view fields. - December 17, 2020

changelogNewBox Shipping - TNT

TNT is now available as direct shipping integration in More details here. - December 10, 2020


November 2020

changelogNewBox Login

The new Login to Linnworks screen released. - November 17, 2020

changelogNewBox Shipping - DHL USA DIRECT

Australia has been added as a valid destination for the DHL USA DIRECT shipping integration. - November 11, 2020