Dashboards and Reporting

The Dashboards section houses the various reporting functions of Linnworks.net.
Primary Dashboard

The Primary Dashboard is designed to provide 'at a glance' information about the current status of your business

Financial Summary

The Financial Summary is used to give an overview of the financial status of the business

Stock Item History

This dashboard shows the change in stock level and value in a location over time

Stock Consumption

This dashboard shows the stock consumption of the given item for the given time period

Inventory Dashboard

This dashboard shows an overview of the stock levels and value on a per-location basis

Order Dashboard

The Order Dashboard acts as a graphical summation of the current Open Orders status'

Query Data

Query data gives a list of pre-defined reports about all aspects of your Linnworks system, with the option to download the results into a CSV file. In addition to this Custom Scripts allow for bespoke SQL SELECT queries to be run