Inventory Dashboard

This dashboard shows an overview of the stock levels and value on a per-location basis. It can be further broken down by stock item category.

Table of contents

Generating the Report

Control NameControl Description
Up to point in time Selecting a date from this dropdown box will show data for stock level and value up to end of the selected month. Selecting Current (to date) will give the live data up to the point the report was generated
View Report This wil generate the report based on the selected time endpoint
Download (CSV file) Clicking this button will create and download a CSV file of the data currently displayed in the dashboard grid to your computer

Further Breakdowns

Once the report has been generated, it is possible to click on each location in the grid. This will then refresh the page to show a breakdown by stock item category at the selected location. Clicking an item category on this screen will then further breakdown the data to display all stock items in that category. Regardless of level of detail, the other two columns will display Stock Level and Stock Value. If the text is grey, it means there is no further data to display for this location or stock item category  

Please note that when looking at data by category or stock item, the dashboard controls in the above table are replaced by a back button. In order to change the timeframe, please press the back button to display the data broken down by location. This will be either one or two clicks, depending on what level of detail is currently being displayed  

Reported Values

Tabular Data

Column NameDescription
Level of Detail This will either be a list of Linnworks locations, stock item categories or a list of stock items, depending on the level of detail requested. The column header will either be: Location Name, Category Name or SKU
Stock Level This is the stock level at the given location up to the specified endpoint
Stock Value This is the average stock purchase price multiplied by the stock level in this location

Graphical Representation

The graph will either show Linnworks locations, stock item categories or individual stock items, depending on the data being shown in the table above it. The y axis will always show the Stock Level