Order Dashboard

The Order Dashboard is a quick overview of all current open orders in your Linnworks system. By default, the dashboard will show data broken down by order source, but it can also display based on shipping country or postal service assigned

Main Chart

The main chart can be swapped between the 3 available charts by using the checkbox controls at the top of the page. Click the appropriate checkbox to display the data  

  By Source

This chart shows the number of paid open orders in your Linnworks system. The chart to the right shows the sales channels on which the orders were generated. The currency will be displayed in the default currency specified in your General Settings. The currency chart shows the exchange rate used to convert the order totals of any orders that are not in the default system currency.

  By Country

Similar to the source chart, the country chart displays data based on the country the order is to be shipped to

  By Carrier

The carrier tab shows the Linnworks Postal service that is currently applied to the order. Please note that changing the postal service any open order will cause this data to be incorrect. Reloading the tab will cause the data to update.

Ancillary Data

Ancillary Pie Charts

These charts, with numerical data underneath, show data for the status of orders in Open Orders: whether an invoice has been printed, shipping label printed, the payment status and available stock status respectively.

Time in Open Orders Chart

This chart shows how long orders have been in open orders with the x-axis denoting the number of orders and y-axis denoting the number of days an order has spent in open orders. Please note that this excludes orders where it is not possible to process the order due to a lack of stock at the assigned location.