Query Data

The query data dashboard contains a set of reports allowing you to analyse and summarise data stored about your inventory and order information.

Table of Contents

Accessing Query Data

  1. Go to Dashboards
  2. Select Query Data

Choosing a Report

  1. Select the required report from the Query Type drop-down box 
  2. Some reports require parameters to be set prior to execution  
  3. Once all the required parameters are set click View Report to generate the report  
  4. After generating the report it is possible to Output the report in CSV format by clicking Download (CSV file) button  

Report Types

  • Custom Script - facility to run custom reports, in the form of SQL scripts. NB! Available for Subscription plans Advanced and up. Please see our Pricing page for details.
  • Financial - data related to financial information recorded by Linnworks
  • Inventory - data related to Linnworks Inventory
  • Listings - data related to mapped Listings mapped within Linnworks
  • Orders - data related to Orders downloaded to Linnworks
  • Purchasing - data related to purchasing new stock for Linnworks

Report Layout

Reports generated through query data all follow the same layout and the ability for filtering and sorting. Where more than 500 rows are generated the report will be divided into the required number of pages


All columns have the option to be sorted in either ascending or descending order, by clicking on the desired column header

  • The ∧ symbol on the column signifies this column has been used to sort the report in ascending order
  • The ∨ symbol on the column signifies this column has been used to sort the report in descending order


Filtering provides the ability to search within the current page for rows that match specific criteria

  1. To define a filter click on the filled-in upside-down triangle in the header for the desired column to display the filter menu
  2. Select the required filter type
  3. Enter the parameter
  4. Select an additional filter if required
  5. Click the Filter to apply the filter to the current page
  6. Once applied a green box with a tick will be displayed to signify that a filter is currently applied and active
  7. To clear a filter click on the Green Box and click on the Clear button