Inventory - All channel linked items

This report returns a lists all inventory items that have been linked to a sales channel listing including listings active eBay which do not have a Linnworks stock item associated with them.

Selection Criteria

Linnworks will select the items to be included in the report based on the following criteria

Parameters - There are no configurable parameters for this report

Rules - internal logic applied to extract only those records that fulfill the specified criteria

  • Items that have not been mapped will not be included in the report
  • Items will also be displayed for all active listings on integrated eBay channels, regardless of whether they are linked to a Linnworks SKU

Reported Values

The following values are returned by the report

Values - Column names and description

  • StockSKU: Linnworks stock item number
  • StockItemTitle: This is the title given to the stock item
  • ChannelId: This is the ID given to the listing by the sales channel
  • ChannelSKU: This is the item number given to the stock item on the sales channel
  • Source: This is the sales channel that the linked item came from
  • Sub Source: This is the specific integration that the linking is associated with
  • Submitted Qty: This is the latest stock level submitted to the channel for this listing
    • There are two values that are internal to Linnworks that denote errors in the sync process; -1 and -99
    • -1 This value is submitted if there is an update pending for the channel. This SKU's inventory will be updated on the next sync
    • -99 This value is submitted if there has been an error in submitting and the item has been set to ignore inventory sync. This can happen, for instance, if the update request has been rejected by the channel.
  • Status: This is the response, if any, received from the channel about the stock level submission
  • Barcode Number: This is the barcode number associated with the Linnworks stock item