Inventory Batching - Batches approaching Sell By

This report returns all SKU/Batches that will reach their Sell By date within the selected number of days and currently have a stock level greater than 0.


Selection criteria

Linnworks will select the items to be included in the report based on the following criteria

ParametersThe following parameters can be used to configure this report

  • Sell by: The date/time by which it should be sold.

Rules - internal logic applied to extract only those records that fulfil the specified criteria

  • Only items set up as Batched inventory will be included.
  • Only items with the batch type of Ordered by sell by date will be included.
  • Only items with an inventory level greater than 0 for the batch will be included.
  • The Sell by date for the batch must be greater than today.

Reported values

The following values are returned by the report

Values - Column names and description

  • Item number: The Linnworks stock item number.
  • Item Title: The title given to the stock item.
  • Batch no.: The number / Id used to define the specific batch for the stock item.
  • Sell by: The date by which the batch should be sold.
  • Expires on: The date when this Batch will be no longer be available to be assigned to any order.
  • Location: The Linnworks location where the batched stock item can be found.
  • Bin/Rack: The physical location of the batched stock item in the warehouse /location.
  • Quantity: The number of the specific SKU/batch in the Bin/Rack.
  • Batch Status: The status given to the Batch. It could be Available, Restricted or Damaged. Even though a batch could have any status among, Available, Restricted, Damage or Expired, Expired will not show in this report since they have reached already its Sell by and Expire on date.