Sold Stock Between Dates (with country, service)

The report gets all sold and despatched stock between start and end date specified in the parameter and aligns it with the current stock data. The data is primarily grouped by sales channel and postal details

Selection Criteria

Linnworks will select the items to be included in the report based on the following criteria

Parameters - The following parameters can be used to configure this report

  • Date Range: An inclusive range based on the date the order was placed on the sales channel
    • Start date: From the start of the day for the specified date
    • End Date: To the end of the day for the specified date

Rules - internal logic applied to extract only those records that fulfill the specified criteria

  • Only processed orders are included in the report
  • Composition parent items are not included
  • If the order item was not mapped to a Linnworks SKU at the time of ordering, the Item Title and Number will show as 'UNASSIGNED'

Reported Values

The following values are returned by the report

Values: Column names and description

    • Source: This is the sales channel the order was placed on
    • SubSource: This is the specific integration that the order was placed through
    • ItemTitle: This is the title of the SKU that was ordered
    • ItemNumber: This is the item SKU
    • SoldQuantity: This is the number of units sold
    • SoldValue: This is the total of all unit costs for this SKU over all orders for this SKU
    • StockValueSold: This is stock value for this sku that has been sold through this subsource
    • FixedPurchasePrice: This is purchase price for the SKU
    • PostageCharged: This is the total postage charged for this SKU from this subsource and postal country
    • Currency: This is the currency the SKU was purchased in
    • StockLevel: This is the level of stock available in all locations
    • StockValue: This is the total stock value across all stock locations
    • StockMinLevel: This is the minimum level of the SKU
    • InOrderBooks: This is the number of units currently in open orders for all locations
    • StockAvailable: This is the stock available for all locations
    • Category: This is the Linnworks product category
    • PostalService: This is the Linnworks Postal Service name
    • PostalServiceCode: This is the Linnworks Postal Service code
    • Country: This is the country the orders were shipped to

Grouping - Items that match across the following criteria will be grouped on a single row in the report

    • Source
    • SubSource
    • Item Title
    • SKU
    • Stock Level
    • Minimum Level
    • In Orders
    • Available Stock
    • Item Category
    • Country
    • Postal Service Code
    • Purchase Price