Scrap Items Export by Location

This report returns a list of stock items that were scrapped within the specified time period grouped by Location.

Selection Criteria

Linnworks will select the items to be included in the report based on the following criteria

Parameters - Configurable parameters for this report

  • Date Range: An inclusive range based on the date the items were scrapped
    • Start date: From the start of the day for the specified date
    • End Date: To the end of the day for the specified date
  • Location: This is the Linnworks location where the stock was scrapped

Rules - internal logic applied to extract only those records that fulfil the specified criteria

Reported Values

The following values are returned by the report

Values - Column names and description

  • Scrap Category: specifies type of damage
  • User: Linnworks user who marked the item as scrapped
  • Item Number: SKU
  • Item Title: The Linnworks stock item title
  • Quantity: Amount of the scraped items
  • Scrap Reason: Reason specified when an item was scraped
  • Create Date: Date when an item was scraped
  • Scrap Total Cost: Unit cost of scraped items (calculated from Stock Value)