eBay Listings Logs

This report returns a list of all actions taken with integrated eBay channels, such as relists, ending listings or revising inventory status. The Action Text will show any error message received from eBay for this action.

Selection Criteria

Linnworks will select the items to be included in the report based on the following criteria

Parameters - The following parameters can be used to configure this report

  • Date Range:
    • Start date: From the start of the day for the specified date
    • End Date: To the end of the day for the specified date
  • Item Number: This is the eBay listing number

Rules - internal logic applied to extract only those records that fulfil the specified criteria

  • This report returns all actions taken by Linnworks on integrated eBay accounts, based on the date the action was taken

Reported Values

The following values are returned by the report

Values: Column names and description

  • ItemId: This is the eBay listing number.
  • SKU: This is the eBay SKU / custom label.
  • ActionDateTime: This is the timestamp for the action.
  • ActionType: This is the action that Linnworks has taken, for instance relisting or ending listings.
  • ActionText: This contains information about the action taken. This will also display error text from eBay if an error occurred during the process.
  • SetQuantity: This is the submitted inventory level.
  • Affected Linnworks SKU: This is the mapped Linnworks SKU. If the listing is not linked then it will display Not Applicable. If the Linnworks stock item has since been deleted, it will display 'Deleted - ' followed by the deleted Linnworks SKU.