Stock Consumption

This dashboard shows the stock consumption of the given item for the given time period. It compares the amount of stock, stock value and stock shipped to customers graphically.

Table of contents

Generating the Report

Control Name Control Description
Location This dropdown menu allows you to select any location, including fulfilment centres (with an exception of FBA locations), that have been defined in Linnworks
Group By This dropdown menu allows you to select the time period you wish to group the data by. It can be set to one of:
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
Period This dropdown defines the length of time the report considers. It can be set to one of:
  • Last 31 days
  • Last 92 days
  • Last 365 Days
  • Custom

When using Custom, a date range picker will appear . The maximum reporting period using Custom is 90 days
SKU This will search based on a full or partial match of either Item Number or Item title. It will return a list in a pop-out menu, clicking View Report on one of the entries will generate the report. Please Note! This report will not support composite parents ad they are virtual items that acquire stock level based on their child items.

Reported Values

Graphical Representation

There are 3 vertical axes represented on the graph, for each of the 3 series represented on the graph. From left to right, the axes represent:

  • In Stock Quantity - The yellow line
  • Stock Value - The blue line
  • Shipped with Orders - The red line

Tabular Data

Clicking the  icon will create a pop out menu in which results can be filtered for that column.

Column Name Description
<Time Period> The column header will display either Day, Month or Year, depending on what has been chosen in the Group By dropdown menu. The data will show the period of time being considered in that row of the table
In Stock Quantity This is number of this stock item held at the end of time period considered in that row
Stock Value This is the average purchase price at the end of the time period, multiplied by the quantity of stock remaining
Shipped with Orders This is the number of units leaving the stock location as a result of orders being marked as processed in Linnworks during the time period