Email Accounts

In order to send emails from Linnworks, appropriate email server details must be provided. The accounts page allows you to configure existing accounts or add new accounts. It is also possible to supply multiple email accounts so that templates can be sent from various email addresses.

Accessing the Screen

    1. Click Emails
    2. Click Email Notifications
    3. Open the Accounts screen
      • To add a new account, click  Add New
      • To edit an existing account, click  Edit

Account Screen Overview

In order to send emails through Linnworks, you will need to specify account details for a service to send them through. The sending of emails is done using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Most email providers will allow you to send emails through their services outside of their system. The accounts screen requests the following details:

Account Name A name you wish to identify the account by in Linnworks.
SMTP server The address of the email server you are using
SMTP auth Tick this checkbox if your server requires the use of SMTP Authentication
Port The port number that Linnworks should use to attempt to send mail
User name The username of the email account. This will vary by email providers and may not be your full email address
Use SSL Tick this checkbox if your server requires you to connect using SSL
Password This is the password for the username specified in the user name field
Reply to email Specifying a reply to email will add this to the email when it is sent
From name This field will show as the person the email is sent from
Send copy to

This field is optional. If specified, it will send a copy of the sent email to the specified address

Inter-email Delay

Some email providers block accounts if many emails are sent in succession. This setting allows a pause between each email request sent to your provider (recorded in seconds).

Clicking the  Test will attempt to send a test email using the specified credentials