Sent Mail

This page gives an overview of emails sent on your behalf by Linnworks. For more information about the types of email that can be sent by Linnworks, please see our Email Notifications documentation.

Accessing the Screen

  1. Select Emails
  2. Select Sent Mail

Screen Overview

The Sent Mail screen is used as an audit trail for emails that were sent


  • By email sent date / For all dates toggle: Use this control to toggle between the two search methods

By email sent date

  • Date Range: Clicking the date picker will display a calendar to select the date range for the audit trail.
  • Search: Clicking Search will display the audit trail for sent emails between the start and end dates

For all dates

  • Search By: Allows you to select what criteria you will be using to search
  • Search: Clicking Search will display the audit trail for sent emails that match the specified search criteria


Column Description
Details Further details about what triggered the email to be sent
Template Type This is the template type, which can be one of the template types listed in our Email Notifications documentation
Sent To This is the recipient name on the order. Hovering over the icon will show the name and email address that the email was sent to  
Subject The subject line on the email, as sent to the recipient. The subject line can be configured on the email template
Sent On This is the date and time that the email was sent
Status This will either display Sent or Send Failed. If the status is Send Failed, an icon will be displayed. Hovering over this icon will show the reason the email failed to send in a pop-out menu