Setup Wizard

When opening for the first time, a Setup wizard will run. This wizard asks for details about your company, in order to populate the details on Linnworks generated invoices, set up any applicable tax rates, and determine what units of measurement Linnworks should use by default with your account.

Table of Contents:

User Details

The details from this page will be saved as default Main Account details and the Country listed here will be set as your account Country.

setup user details

System Details

This screen contains details for your general account settings that can later be changed under Settings > General Settings > General. Full details on these settings are available here.

setup system details


Ticking Auto Update exchange rates will insert a default list of currencies into your system and activate automatic currency updates. Further details on the automatic currency updates are available here.

Tax Settings

The first lines under this header will depend on the country entered in the first step.

  • European Union - For EU based users, the default tax rate is set at 20% and the page will request whether your company is a VAT registered business and if so, what is the company VAT Registration Number.
  • United States - For users in the United States, a Default Country tax, Home state, and Home region tax can be added.
  • Non-US/EU - Non-US/EU users will be asked to set a default tax, which can be set to 0 if desired.

These selections will set the default tax rate used in Linnworks. There is more information about how this tax rate is used in the General Settings documentation. Default tax rates can be changed in the General Settings page, which can be found by going to Settings > General Settings > General tab.

Units of Measure

Linnworks can be used to store product dimensions and weights, which are often used in the calculation of shipping rates for integrated courier services or as part of listings on a sales channel. This section allows the selection of the default units of measurement that Linnworks will use.

The following values can be selected from the according drop-down menus:

  • Dimensions unit:
    • Millimetres
    • Centimetres
    • Inches
  • Weight unit:
    • Grams
    • Kilograms
    • Pounds
    • Ounces


This step contains logos of most common Sales Channels and under Show More will display checkboxes for Sales Channels Linnworks can integrate with. If you wish to start with adding the Channel Integration already, select or tick the Sales Channel you wish to add and it will open the respective Add Channel screen.

setup integration

NB! We recommend to first familiarize yourself with the system before adding any Channel Integrations. This step can be skipped to continue with the Setup Wizard and all Channel Integrations can be added to the system later on.

Alternatively, please read through each integration specifics, Rules & Guidelines, and How to add a new channel? sections before adding the integration via Setup Wizard to ensure all steps are taken and your integration is set up correctly. All details per channel can be found here.

Task List

This page displays a checklist of most common Sales Channels and Courier Integrations available in Linnworks. Here you can tick the ones you want to later add to your account and they will appear as Set Up Tasks in Settings > General Settings > Set Up Tasks.

setup task list