How to raise a support ticket

To report technical issues, request assistance or more information about any parts of the system, you can raise a support ticket in Linnworks Support Center. Support tickets enable you to contact our Technical Support, API Support, Custom Scripting, Sales and Implementation teams. The tickets will be assigned to the corresponding Linnworks team based on the ticket Type, Category and Subject line.

In addition to being visible in our Support Center, any raised tickets and replies to them will also trigger a notification email that is sent to the account holder email and any additional email addresses added to CC.

To raise a new support ticket:

  1.  Log in to Linnworks Support Center using one of the two available options:
    • (Recommended method): > Support > Support Center
      support center
    • Or via a direct link to NB! Please see here for further details before using this login method.

  2. On the Support Center main page, click the New Support Ticket button.
    ui support center new ticket button
  3. This opens a new page called Submit a ticket.
    ui support center new ticket v2
  4. The Requester email will always be specified as the account holder email.
    • To add other email addresses to the ticket, click on Add cc
    • Multiple addresses can be added to cc by separating them with a comma
    • Additional cc emails can be removed by clicking the x icon next to the email

  5. Select the Type of your ticket:
    • General Question - general inquiries about system functions and features, how to set up parts of the system, etc.
    • Technical Problem - technical issues like errors encountered while working with the system, incorrect stock levels, missing orders, etc. In case of a Technical Problem, please see this article for guidance on which details need to be provided to our Technical Support team for investigation. The same article is visible on the grey Related articles bar on the right of the screen.
    • Training Session Booking - this type needs to be selected when you are submitting a request for a personalized training session with our team. Further details are available here

  6. Select the question Category.
    • Some categories will have sub-categories and items that will help provide more detail on your question.
  7. Enter the Subject of your ticket, which would ideally describe the nature of the problem in the form of keywords, e.g. Missing eBay orders.

  8. Once the Subject has been entered, the Related articles box on the right will display articles from our Knowledge base based on the keywords entered. Please check the suggested results as you may already be able to find a solution or answer to your question from the suggestions.
    ui support center tickets related
  9. Enter the question into the Description box. In case of a Technical Problem, please follow this article to be sure that our team receives all details necessary for the investigation with your initial submission. This will help us identify the problem quickly and efficiently, without having to ask you additional questions which usually leads to delays between responses.

  10. To attach any screenshots, CSV files or recordings, click on +Attach a file.

  11. Once you are happy with the ticket contents, click Submit.

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