Getting Started: Inventory

Linnworks Inventory works as a central repository for all your stock, or in other words - as an electronic record for all your physical products. All of the information related to each item can be stored here, allowing you to monitor stock levels and listings of your items across different warehouse locations.

You can link these items to your listings on sales channels to synchronize stock levels on multiple channels simultaneously. Using different Warehouse locations reflects the physical locations with according stock levels.

My Inventory screen:

The My Inventory screen provides you with a list of all SKUs added to your Linnworks account. Here you can add SKUs, monitor and edit the details on them, check and alter stock levels in different locations, and work with the attached listings on your sales channels. 

My Inventory screen v3

On the left side of the screen you can see:

  • Search bar - the first drop-down enables you to choose the search key you want to use your search. The second drop-down enables you to filter the search results by the categories you have added to your items.
  • View tabs - Each account has a Default tab added, which cannot be removed. Each user can add their own custom views with columns and filters of their choosing. Full details and steps on creating and editing My Inventory screen custom views are available here.


On the right side you can see:

  • Location - this drop-down enables you to choose which warehouse location stock data is displayed on the screen. All SKUs in your system will display in all locations, only the data related to stock levels will change on the screen accordingly.
  • Add New - adds a new item to your inventory.
  • Export - allows you to download a CSV of your SKUs with specified product details in your My Inventory screen. Full details for the feature are available here.
  • Delete - deletes the selected items from your inventory.
  • Settings - enables you to duplicate or archive selected items or print Stock Item Labels for them.

MYinventorycloseup2 v2

The available columns in My Inventory screen will differ based on the view settings you are using. You can choose which columns and in which order are visible in your custom view. The full list of all of the available columns is given here.


Next steps: