Getting Started: Using channel items

If your integrated sales channels already contain active listings and you would like to create your Linnworks inventory items based on the listed items, then there are two options for doing so depending on the integrated Sales Channel. 

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Inventory Mapping

For most integrations, you can use Inventory Mapping to create items with based on your Channel SKUs. To create items from the Channel Mapping screen, go to Settings > Channel Integrations > Inventory Mapping on the required channel line:

channel mapping button

Any SKU that does not already exist your Linnworks inventory, will display a + Create button. 

mapping create

Clicking + Create will open a popup, where you can specify or amend the details that you want to be added to the SKU. This method allows you to use the Channel SKU and title and add the quantity from the channel to your selected Linnworks location Stock Level

mapping create popup

Creating an item from the Channel Mapping screen creates a link between the Channel SKU and Linnworks SKU, which enables stock level updates from Linnworks to the channel from thereon.

Full details for using Inventory Mapping can be found here

Extract Inventory

For Amazon and eBay channel integrations, you can use the Extract Inventory tool to create items from the listings on your channels. This tool enables you to download most details from your channel listings.

To use Extract Inventory, make sure the respective Channel Settings have Download full listings option enabled in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Inventory Sync:

download full listings

Once this setting is enabled, you can find the tool under Settings > Extract Inventory. As a first step, Download any items you wish to add to your Inventory. Once downloaded and if your inventory does not include a matching SKU already, you will see the + Create option:

extract inventory buttons v2

Clicking + Create will open a popup window, where you can choose the data you want to add to your Linnworks SKUs from the available options.

extract inventory create

Creating an item using Extract Inventory also enables you to create a matching listing template for the item to take control of the listing for any future updates.

See here for full details on using the Extract Inventory tool and its full functions or check this solution article for a quick overview.


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