Getting Started: Locations

Linnworks allows you to set up multiple locations representing your physical warehouses in order to track stock levels for the same items across different physical locations. By switching from one location to another in My Inventory screen, you will be able to see the respective stock levels in these locations.

 Inventory location 

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Types of locations

In general, Linnworks locations can be divided into three types mainly differing based on ownership:

  • Warehouse Locations represent locations that you and your staff despatch orders from. More details can be found here.
  • Fulfilment Centres are owned and operated by 3rd parties despatching orders on your behalf. More details can be found here.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) locations are distinct implementations of Linnworks Fulfilment Centre functionalities, which are designed to work together with your Amazon integration. More details can be found here.

Every Linnworks account comes with a Default location set in place. This location should represent your primary warehouse that is used for most of your stock storage and order fulfilment. The name of the Default location cannot be changed and the location cannot be deleted.

For full details and information on Linnworks Locations, please see here.

Creating locations

To create a new Location, go to Inventory > Inventory Settings > Locations > Add New. 

In the Locations screen you will see three options for each location: 

Locations screen

  • Edit Location () option allows you to enter or change the name (not applicable for Default location) and address of this location/warehouse.
  • FC (Fulfilment Centre) box enables to specify the location as a Fulfilment Centre and once it is ticked, the Automation option becomes available.
  • Automation option allows you to set up and schedule automated order imports/exports and inventory import to exchange order and inventory information with the Fulfilment Centre. 

FC automation

If you use Amazon FBAs, then the FBA location is enabled via Channel Integration screen and automatically created as a Linnworks location, which you cannot automate on your own. 


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