Getting Started: Listing Management

Linnworks has two ways of handling your listings, which vary based on the Sales Channel you are using. The level of control you can have over a listing depends on whether it was created via Linnworks or on the channel directly. 

We would recommend creating any new listings via Linnworks for any Sales Channels that enable this option, in order to handle as many things as possible in one place and make sure the data between systems is consistent. 

Table of Contents:

Managing existing listings

Once you have integrated your Sales Channels, you would need to link any existing listings from your channels to your Linnworks inventory items. This will let Linnworks update the stock levels and prices on the respective listings.

Linking listings to Linnworks inventory is done via Inventory Mapping in the Channel Mapping screen. Here are full details and different methods for inventory mapping. 

channel mapping v2

For listings on eBay and Amazon, Linnworks has an additional tool called Extract Inventory. This tool allows you to pull more information from the channel to Linnworks to obtain greater control over the existing listing. The result is more or less equivalent to a listing created via Linnworks depending on the channel.

extract inventory v2

A full overview of the Extract Inventory tool is available here and a short description for using it can be found in this solution article.

Listing via Linnworks

Linnworks offers the possibility of creating listings for several Sales Channels and more are gradually implemented. Creating a listing via Linnworks gives you virtually full control over all aspects of the listing from stock management to updating the details on the listing. 

templates v2

Each Sales Channel has its own specifics for a listing to be successfully created, which is why there are separate listing tools for each channel. The prerequisites for creating listings via Linnworks are the same for all channels:

  1.  The SKUs exist in your My Inventory.
  2. The Sales Channel is integrated.
  3. The respective channel configurator is set up.

Only Amazon Catalogue listings can be created without a configurator. Further details on Amazon Catalogue listings can be found here

NB! Keep in mind that it is not possible to create a listing for the same item to different channels simultaneously e.g. an eBay listing cannot be copied to an Amazon channel. You can use the same details from your inventory item for both channel listings, but the listing process has to be carried out in full for different channels separately.

Please see here for a list of channels that allow listing via Linnworks and the data which can be controlled and updated on these listings. 

A quick guide of the process for creating listings via Linnworks is available here. For details on the functions within the process, please check Next steps.


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