Getting Started: Configurators

Configurators are like a mould or a cookie cutter for listings that would follow a similar theme. They hold information like listing type, payment methods, shipping info, attributes, listing categories, etc. A configurator helps you tell the system, which data directly or which type of details should be displayed on the listings for a certain set of items. This enables you to create similar listings for different items in bulk. 


A configurator existing is the mandatory prerequisite for creating a listing. Each Sales Channel integration has its own configurators since each channel has different requirements for the listings to be created.

To start creating a configurator, go to Settings > Configurators > select the channel you wish to list on. Note, that the configurators for channels like Shopify and Magento 2 will appear in the menu under Others:

configurators menu

Please see here for detailed steps on how to create configurators in general and be sure to follow the channel-specific configurator instructions for steps to follow depending on the channel you are planning to list on. 


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