Getting Started: Creating listings

A listing template holds all details for a specific SKU that will be sent to the sales channel for creating the listing. The framework for the data that will be sent will come from the configurator and the exact details from the SKU that you are listing. 

Listing templates are created via My Inventory screen. Once you have the necessary configurator set up, you will need to add a specific column to your My Inventory to create the template.

Create a new view from the Default tab by clicking the icon next to the title > Channels > select channel(s) you want to list on and click +

add listing view

Check the view settings include all columns and details you need and confirm the view creation by clicking Save.

Once you can see a column with the channel you want to list on, find the SKU for your listing in My inventory. Right-click on the channel column on the selected item line > Create listing on channel > select configurator name. 

add listing template v3

This will open up the channel listing templates screen with the respective SKU(s), where you can review all necessary details before processing the listing. For details on the listing templates, see Next step.

listing template


Next step: