Getting Started: Order Management

Order management in Linnworks is a seamless process allowing you to manage and control the entire life cycle of your orders from printing shipping labels to having the tracking and dispatch information be sent back to the channel. 

Once your channel is integrated, channel orders will start being downloaded to Linnworks automatically based on your channel settings. Orders can also be added to Linnworks via Open Order imports or created manually as Direct orders within the system.

Table of Contents:

Channel settings

By default, Linnworks only downloads orders that are in a certain status on the channel itself - mostly open/unshipped and paid. Some Channel Integrations have extra conditions and can allow you to select other statuses to be added to the download - e.g. unpaid orders.

There are also integrations that require you to take further steps like mapping the Channel and Linnworks order statuses for the download to work at all.

To be sure you receive all needed orders from your channel, always read through the Rules & GuidelinesHow to add a new channel? and How to configure channel settings? sections for the integration you are adding. All details per channel are available here.

Order locations

When adding a new Channel Integration then initially all of your orders will be downloaded to your Default location in Linnworks. If you need orders from a specific channel to be downloaded to another location, then you can change this in Settings > Channel Integration > Location Mapping > Order download location.

order download location

Orders can also be manually moved to another location in the Open Orders screen. If there are specifics on your orders, that always determine another location for them, then you can set up a Rules Engine rule to move the orders automatically.

NB! Keep in mind, that the order location is what determines which location stock levels are affected by the order. One order can only take stock from the location the order itself is in. Different items on one order cannot be fulfilled from separate locations.

See here for more details on working with order locations.


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