Getting Started: Creating orders

In addition to downloading orders from your sales channels, you can create orders in Linnworks manually or in bulk via Open Orders import. Both options will create orders that can be handled the same way as any channel orders but will still have a few specifics that need to be kept in mind.

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Creating Direct orders

Manually created orders in Linnworks are referred to as Direct orders and the Source on them will always display as DIRECT. The Source cannot be altered on these orders, but you can add a custom SubSource to each order to differentiate them from others.

direct order

The general details and logic on Direct orders are the same as on channel orders. The main difference is in the tax setting for item prices. Go to Settings > General Settings > General > Default tax settings > Direct orders tax is inclusive of the item price to assign whether the item prices on Direct orders should be tax inclusive or exclusive.

tax setting

NB! Changing this setting only affects orders created after the setting change. Any existing orders will not be recalculated when switching between tax inclusive and exclusive options.

To create a new Direct order go to Orders > Open Orders > New Order. This will open a new tab where you can enter and adjust all necessary data. The information on this screen is divided into sections for an easier overview. Full details and instructions for creating a new Direct order are available here

OO create

Importing orders

If you have numerous orders coming from an external source other than your Channel Integrations, then you can use an Open Order import to add these to Linnworks. The main mandatory column in the import file is a unique Order Reference Number, which the system uses to verify no duplicate orders are imported.

Imported orders will always display Source DATAIMPORTEXPORT, but you can specify your own SubSource in the import file for differentiating them from others. The SubSource cannot be edited later in Linnworks. 

import order

For items on imported orders affect your stock levels, the order items need to be linked to SKUs in your My Inventory. If the order SKUs (referred to as Channel SKU in the import) match your Linnworks SKUs, then they will be linked automatically. 

If the SKUs differ, then the linking depends on the existence of Channel SKU links in your Product Details in My Inventory. Please see this solution article for setting up the correct linking. 

Further details for understanding the Open Order import process in general, are given in this solution article.

All the available columns that can be used for an Open Order import and an example CSV template are available in the Open Order import documentation.


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