Getting Started: Managing orders

All orders in the Open Orders screen can be viewed and edited by either double-clicking on the order or selecting View Order from the Actions or right-click menu. All other actions can be done directly from the Open Orders screen using the Actions button, right-click menu or custom Hot Buttons.

For full guidance on all the actions that can be done on orders, see the specified documentation here.

In the next pages, you will find a short overview of the most common actions, their methods, and what to keep in mind when using each action.

Order settings

Linnworks offers Order Settings which help to optimize your order management workflow based on your needs. This includes error prevention checks to ensure orders cannot be processed until certain conditions are fulfilled.

order settings

NB! Keep in mind that some order settings are user-specific, meaning that each user that can log into your account needs to set them up for their own user account. Error prevention settings apply for all users, but the Scanning section settings are ignored when Batch Process method is used.

Order Settings are available under Settings > General Settings > Order Settings. See here for full details on all available setting options.


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