Getting Started: Cancelling orders

In certain cases, you may need to cancel orders in Linnworks. This can be done in the Open Orders screen under the right-click or Actions menu > Other Actions > Cancel Order.

cancel order

Cancelling an order will move it to Processed Orders and mark it with status Cancelled. Keep in mind, that the Cancelled status will also appear on orders which have been merged. This is done so the items from the original order prior to merging would not affect your stock levels.

Cancelling channel orders

By default, an order cancellation in Linnworks will not be sent to the Sales Channel. For most channel integrations the order cancellation needs to be done on the channel directly as well.

The integrations, where it is supported, will have a specified setting in the Channel Settings under Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Order

For full details on cancelling orders and a list of integrations that support Order Cancellations, please see here


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