Getting Started: Editing orders

To edit any details on an order, open the View Order screen by either double-clicking on the order or selecting View Order from the Actions or right-click menu. In the View Order screen, click on the Edit button on the upper right to make the fields editable.

edit order

Most details on the orders can be edited regardless of the Source of the order. Channel orders and imported orders will only prohibit changes to Source, SubSource and references fields.  

Bear in mind that it is not recommended to delete or add any items on channel orders. Several channels check the order item details when receiving status updates from Linnworks after order processing. If the items have changed, the order dispatch details may be rejected and the update never reaches the channel.

In cases where you need to change the items on the order, it is recommended to do so on the channel directly and re-download the order to Linnworks. Instructions for re-downloading an order are in this solution article


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