Getting Started: Post-processing

Once an order is processed, it is moved to the Processed Orders screen under Orders > Processed Orders. NB! A processed order cannot be edited or “unprocessed”. You can only reprint labels and invoices or create RMAs and Refunds for an order that is already processed.

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Processed Orders screen

The Processed Orders screen enables you to look up any processed and cancelled orders based on your selected criteria and filters.

NB! You will need to apply at least one filter or keyword for the screen to display any orders. It will not automatically provide you with a list of all of your processed orders. 

processed orders screen

You can use the Search bar to look up orders based on keywords within certain fields, filter the results by Date Ranges, Stock Item and Source.

The visible columns in Processed Orders can be customized based on the available columns and each visible column can, in turn, have quick-filters added.

The Download button will download a CSV file with the exact same results that you have displayed on the screen. This will take into account both the search keys and main filters as well as any quick-filters you have applied and will contain only the enabled columns.

Clicking on the plus icon on the order lines will expand the selected order to display the order items and the Audit Trail of the order for a quick overview. Double-clicking on the order line will open up full details of the order in a separate View Order screen.

view processed order

See here for full details on working with the Processed Orders screen.

RMAs and Refunds

Linnworks allows you to perform several after-sale actions to assist you in keeping track of your inventory counts and reporting like taxation. 

In Processed Orders screen, you will be able to create Returns, Exchanges, Resends and Refunds for any of your processed orders. These actions are available when right-clicking on the required order line:


Selecting either of the needed options will open up an RMAs or Refunds screen, where you can book or action the needed RMAs or Refunds and specify any details for it.


All booked and actioned RMAs and Refunds will then become visible in the separate Returns & Refunds screen under Orders menu.

rma screen

NB! Note that refunding an order in Linnworks does not automatically refund the order on the channel it was created on. The availability of this automation is limited to only specific channels and depends on your channel settings. For most channels, refunds will need to be created outside of Linnworks as well.

Please see here for details on working with RMAs, and here for details on working with Refunds together with a list of channels that support automated refunds.


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