Getting Started: Processing methods

There are four different methods for processing orders in Linnworks. Orders can be processed one-by-one or in bulk. You can select your preferred method for both the general workflow, a specific order or a batch of orders.

Full details of all methods can be found here. Below is a short overview of the different methods and their specifics.

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Manual processing

To manually process one or more orders, locate and select them in the Open Orders screen. Process action is available under the right-click or Actions menu or can be added as a hot button to your custom views:

process order

Using the Process action opens up the Process Order screen, where you can review and edit any details needed. You can print missing documentation and scan the order items. Once done, click Process and the order will be moved to Processed Orders. If you selected several orders at once in Open Orders screen, the same window will appear for the next order automatically.

process order screen v2

Batch Process

Batch Process can be used to process several orders at one time if they do not need to be reviewed and all necessary actions are already completed. This action is available under the right-click or Actions menu and can be added as a hot button:

batch process order

NB! Batch Process should only be used if you are sure all necessary actions are completed on the order. It will ignore any order and scanning settings enabled in your system. The orders will automatically move to Processed Orders without the option to review or edit.

Despatch Console

The Despatch Console under Orders > Despatch Console is designed to assist in processing orders quickly when you are using a barcode scanner but also allows manual entries.

despatch console

By Order ID and By Item Barcode options in Despatch Console work similarly to the Process action in Open Orders screen and displays the Process Order screen. This allows you to make adjustments and actions on the orders before processing.

Batch Process By Order ID works like the Batch Process action. The orders will be automatically moved to Processed Orders and you will not be able to edit them or print any documents. Use this option only if all the necessary actions have been completed on the orders.

Full details for using the Despatch Console are available here

Process Orders import

Linnworks also has a specified Process Orders import, which can be used to process orders in bulk. The import will comply with the Error Prevention settings you have enabled and will not affect locked or parked orders.

The import cannot be used to edit or amend any details on the orders and should only be used if all the necessary actions are completed on the orders.

Details and available columns for this import are available here


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