Getting Started: Open Orders

All downloaded and created open orders will appear in the Open Orders screen under Orders > Open Orders, until they have been processed, cancelled or deleted. This screen enables you to handle all processes for your orders from viewing and editing, printing the needed documents, to processing the orders to mark them dispatched.  

OpenOrders v2

 On the left side of the screen you can see:

  • Search bar - enables you to search for an order based on any details that are visible on your Open Orders screen - references, source, name, etc. The search key availability depends on the custom settings of your views.
  • View drop-down - all views with the respective visibility setting will appear here in the drop-down. Each account has a default All Orders view added that cannot be deleted, renamed or filtered. However, the available columns in this view can be customized and the view can be hidden, if you do not need to use it. 
  • Actions - when one or more orders are selected, the button becomes active and gives you a drop-down menu of all the actions that can be done on an order. The same menu is visible when right-clicking on an order.
  • Hot Buttons - you can add Hot Buttons to custom views for actions that can be taken on an order. These buttons will then appear here in your chosen format and give you shortcut access to the selected action. 

OOB left

 On the right side of the screen you can see:

  • Location - this drop-down lets you choose which warehouse location orders are displayed on the screen.
  • New Order - enables you to manually create a new order. 
  • Refresh - reloads the data in the current view to refresh the order data. 
  • Filters - enables to add/edit quick-filters on the current view without changing the permanent view settings. NB! Cannot be applied to the default All Orders view.
  • Settings - enables you to edit the settings of the current view you have open in the screen. Full details on creating and editing custom views are available here.

OOB right

The first column in the columns line is for order selection. Clicking on the cells in this column will select the orders on the respective line. When an order is selected, the cell displays a checkmark. Clicking on the empty tickbox cell in the header line acts as a Select All function and selects either all orders in the view or a specified batch of them as specified in your View Settings. 

oob select

The available columns on the screen will differ depending on the settings on your view. The visible columns will also determine which data on the orders can be used as a search key in the search bar.

See here for full details on the Open Orders screen. Guidance for creating and editing custom views is available here.


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