Getting Started: Reporting

The options under the Dashboards menu provide two different types of reports for a quick overview of your business based on the data stored in your Linnworks account. 

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You can find a specified Dashboard for each larger section of your business based on the data that is stored in Linnworks. This ranges from graphs and tables of a quick financial summary to inventory consumption.


For a detailed breakdown of each Dashboard together with the selection criteria and reported values, see here

Query Data

The Query Data tool under Dashboards helps to generate detailed reports based on your system data, which can be downloaded as CSVs for external reporting or to assist you with imports for your account.

query data

The range of reports within this tool can be divided into 5 types:

  • Financial - data related to financial information recorded by Linnworks
  • Inventory - data related to your inventory in Linnworks
  • Listings - data related to listings mapped within Linnworks
  • Orders - data related to orders added to Linnworks
  • Purchasing - data related to purchasing new stock for Linnworks

NB! Keep in mind that each report has very specific selection criteria and reported values that cannot be customized. Only a certain aspect of the report like the date range, inventory location or sales source may allow specifications. Any other filtering can be done within the downloaded CSV directly.

To ensure there is no confusion with the data in the reports you receive, be sure to always check our documentation for each report for full details on the selection criteria and reported values. 


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