Getting Started: Sales Channels

Sales channels integrations give Linnworks a way of creating a connection with sales platforms. This is required to establish an information exchange to download orders to Linnworks, update channel stock levels, create listings and much more.

Channel Integration screen can be found in Settings > Channel Integration > Add New. Clicking the Add New button opens a popup with a full list of channels that can be integrated with Linnworks.

Add Channel popup

Some channels require additional steps besides entering the main credentials. You can find detailed steps for integrating each channel here. The same documentation will provide you with other useful information about the integration as well. 

Clicking on the logo of the channel in this documentation will guide you to a page that describes which features are supported by the specific integration.

channel info v2

How to add a new channel? section provides you step-by-step instructions for adding the channel integration.

Some channels will also have specifications you will need to check prior to integration, or keep in mind when handling the items, listings and orders. Be sure to check the Rules & Guidelines section, when one is present.

The How to configure channel settings? section provides details about all the available settings for the given channel. Most channel settings can be changed after the integration has been added.

Channel Integration screen 

Once you have added a channel integration, each channel will appear as a separate line in Settings > Channel Integration. Full details on the Channel Integration screen are available here. Below are the main five setup options on each channel line:

Channel integration screen

edit channel settings Edit channel details - allows you to configure the channel integration.
location mapping settings Location Mapping - allows you to choose which Linnworks location is used for order download and which for inventory syncs for this channel. Please see here for full details.
inventory mapping settings Inventory Mapping - displays a list of your SKUs directly on the channel. Here you can link your channel SKUs to Linnworks SKUs. This helps Linnworks to know which SKUs to display on your orders and between which items to send inventory updates. Please see here for more information on Inventory Mapping.
payment mapping settings Payment Mapping - allows you to link your channel payment methods to Linnworks payment methods. This enables you to produce financial reports based on the payment type. Payment mapping is not available for all sales channels. See here to learn how Payment Mapping works.
shipping mapping settings Shipping Mapping - lets you link the shipping services from your listings and orders to Postal Services and Shipping Integrations you have added to your Linnworks account. This page explains how services are mapped.


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