Getting Started: Shipping Management

Linnworks offers integrations with various common shipping couriers allowing you to add your shipping services within the system to manage shipments via the same platform as your inventory and listings.

See here for the Key Concepts on how Linnworks works with Courier Integrations for shipping label generation and consignment tracking.

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Courier Integrations

You can integrate with a range of shipping couriers and add their services to your orders allowing you to print shipping labels, send tracking information to customers and manage shipping manifests.

Check the full list of available Courier Integrations here together with details and available features specific to each integration. The Add section will provide you with the exact steps needed for successfully integrating the needed shipping couriers.

shipping info v2

Adding shipping services 

Once the Courier Integrations have been added, the next step is to add the services from these couriers, which you are using for your orders. This is done by adding Postal Services.

Linnworks Postal Services are virtual and unique services, which will be linked to the Courier services and can then be assigned to your orders.

The full list of your Postal Services is visible under Shipping > Postal Services:

postal services

Click here to read the full guide on how services are handled directly via the Postal Services screen. However, for Postal Services that should also be connected to your Courier Integrations, we recommend to add them from Shipping > Integrations > Services screen instead, to ensure they are linked to the correct integration.

Details on services for each Courier Integration are available here under Edit Services section for each courier.

integration services

Packaging Groups

Linnworks allows you to create Packaging Groups consisting of Packaging Types which are used to control the size and weight of the items that can be dispatched within one single package. Packaging Groups can then be assigned to your orders automatically if your inventory items have weight, dimensions and a Default Packaging Group added in Product Details.

Packaging Groups and Types are created and edited via Shipping > Packaging Groups.

Packaging groups

Follow the guidance steps here for creating Packaging Groups and Types

The Prevalence option in the Packaging Groups screen is used for orders that have multiple items with different weight, dimensions and Default Packaging Groups. Linnworks will then choose and assign the Default Packaging Group which has the highest Prevalence assigned.

More information about different packaging auto-assignment methods can be found here and instructions for manually changing the Packaging Groups on orders are available here. 


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