Getting Started: Assigning shipping services

Linnworks provides two options for assigning Shipping Services to your orders automatically. You can either map the services selected on your Sales Channel to Linnworks services, or set up a collection of conditions, which are automatically checked to assign the appropriate service for a specific order.

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Shipping Mapping

Shipping Mapping is used to map the shipping services available for your buyers on the Sales Channel to Linnworks Postal Services. When an order is downloaded, the service selected on the Sales Channel will determine which Postal Service is assigned to the order in Linnworks.

Postal Services for your Sales Channels can be mapped in Settings > Channel Integration > Shipping Mapping.

Shipping mapping v2

Detailed steps for Shipping Mapping can be found here.

Rules Engine

Rules Engine is a tool that allows you to create automated rules based on sets of bespoke conditions and actions, which will run against the orders once they are downloaded from your Sales Channels and saved into Linnworks.

You are able to execute a variety of actions on your orders with Rules Engine and assigning shipping services is one of them. Rules Engine is available under Orders > Rules Engine. To start building your rule, click Add new rule.

Add rule

Example: If you determine the shipping services based on the total order price, shipping country and weight, you can set up the respective conditions:

If Shipping Country is UK and Total Charge < 400£ then service should be Royal Mail 24 Large letter.
If Shipping Country is UK and Total Charge > 400£ then the service should be RM 2nd Class Large Letter

Rule example

You can introduce and set up the same logic depending on the requirements you check on your orders to determine the correct service to be used.

Click here to learn how to use the Rules Engine and be sure to check out the How-To articles and examples introduced at the bottom of the page.

NB! You can use both methods from above at the same time but bear in mind that Rules Engine can overwrite Shipping Mapping assigned services if your conditions do not state specifications to exclude the initial assignment.


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