Getting Started: Templates and printing

Aside from inventory and listing management, Linnworks also offers other functionalities to assist you with managing your business. Linnworks has options to generate and print files like invoices, pick lists, packing lists and other related documents by setting up custom templates based on your business needs. 

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Template Designer 

Template Designer allows you to create customized templates for documents like unique invoices for each of your Sales Channels.

Under Settings > Template Designer you can already see a default template for each document type with a default layout. You can edit these to match your requirements or add additional templates for any required document type and edit them accordingly.

Use Add predefined option for a predefined template to make necessary adjustments on and Add new template option to create the template from scratch

Template Designer

In addition to adding customized documents, you can also automate their selection during printing by adding Printing Conditions. This enables the system to automatically know which document template should be printed for which order. 

To use the Template Designer function to the fullest, please see here for a list of template types, details on each type and guidance for creating and editing them.

Virtual Printer

The expected behaviour when printing from a web browser makes the printable document open in a PDF preview. With Linnworks you can use Virtual Printer, which is designed to send the printing job directly to your printer instead.

The system will be able to choose the required printer for your documents automatically when you have specified it in your Courier Integrations and Template Designer.

To download Virtual Printer, go to Settings > General Settings > Virtual Printer > Download Virtual Printer and follow the detailed instructions given here to set it up.

Virtual Printer


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