Getting Started: Email templates

You can connect your existing email account to Linnworks to send emails to your customers either automatically triggered by certain actions on their orders, or manually to specific orders. All templates can be customized based on your requirements.

Table of Contents:

Adding an email account

The first step is to add your account by using your email server credentials. Go to Emails > Email Notifications > Accounts > Add New and follow the details given here

NB! If you are using a Gmail account with 2-step verification, then some additional steps might be required as described in this solution article.

add email

Once an account has been added, you can start setting up the email templates.

Automated Templates

Automated Templates are triggered by specific actions on the order depending on the template type. For example, a Dispatch Notification email is sent out when an order is processed and a Refund Booking template is triggered by the refund being booked.

All template types can be customized based on your needs. Automated Templates can also have Sending Conditions applied to allow you to use several different versions of the same template type based on your needs. The set conditions will then tell the system, which template to choose for which order.

automated template

Manual templates

Some emails are only required in specific cases like notifying your customer of an order delay or emailing Purchase Orders to your supplier. You can set up a Manual Template for these emails. 

For order-related emails, the template can then be selected for a specific order in the Open Orders screen: select the order > right-click or Actions button > Other Actions > Send Email:

send email

All available template types for both Automated and Manual templates with full instructions for creating and editing them are given here.


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