Use Categories in the Inventory menu to group similar stock items for better stock management. You can create item-specific categories on this screen and update inventory items with them afterwards in My Inventory. Keep in mind that Linnworks сategories are added for internal usage. They have no impact on your selling channel listings.

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How to set up categories

All categories operate independently meaning sub-categories cannot be created. 

Add new categories

To access the Categories screen go to Inventory > Inventory Settings > Categories. In the top right-hand corner click the +Add New button, add category name and click Save.

Please note! The default category cannot be renamed or deleted.
  • Add new categories in bulk

Use Inventory Import to create a few categories in one go. Remember to refresh your Linnworks account once the import is completed to view created categories.

Info! There is no limit to the number of categories you can add.

Edit existing categories

Find the edit icon editpen1 v2 to the right of the category name and double-click it. The category name will now be highlighted allowing you to type a new name. Hit the Enter key to save changes.

Delete categories

You can delete a category by selecting it and clicking the Delete button in the top right-hand corner of the screen next to the +Add New button. 

Please note! A category can only be deleted if no SKUs are assigned to it. Please see this solution article for identifying the SKUs and changing the categories in bulk.

How to assign categories to items

Assign categories to Linnworks items either manually or in bulk

  • To change the item category manually, go to the My Inventory screen, search for an item and open up Product Details > General tab. Access the drop-down menu with all available categories, select the category and click the Save button.


Sorting inventory by categories

Sort items in the My Inventory screen by categories using the drop-down menu located next to the Search button.

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Select the category and click the Search button. All items in this category will now be displayed in the My Inventory screen.