Locations represent physical warehouses in which you store your inventory. You can have multiple private warehouses, a third-party warehouse or a fulfilment centre that contain different stock levels of the same item. Use Linnworks locations to: 

  • Monitor stock levels in your warehouses.
  • Fulfil orders from different locations to adjust stock levels accordingly.
  • Send stock updates to selling channels from selected locations.

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Location types

There are several types of locations that you can configure in Linnworks.

The default location

By default, there is one location created in the system - the Default location. This location usually represents your main warehouse that you fulfil your orders from. If you have more than one warehouse, you can create additional locations and give them a meaningful name. Check more details on how to create and configure additional locations here.

Please note! It is not possible to change the name of the default location or delete it.

Update the location in Settings > General Settings > General > My location drop-down menu if you want to use a different location as your default location:

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Fulfilment centres

Linnworks locations allow working with fulfilment centres that are owned and operated by a third-party which dispatches orders on your behalf. In this case, Linnworks is a viewing point: you can monitor how much of your stock is left in their location, how many orders they received and what is the status of your orders. As this is a viewing point, you will not be able to make any changes like process orders or add more stock in this location manually. Check more details on how to create and configure fulfilment centres here.

Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) functionality allows monitoring what is happening in Amazon's fulfilment centres when you store some of your products there. In this case, Amazon picks, packs, and ships orders on your behalf, and you can monitor all the processes in your Linnworks account. Please see our FBA documentation for more information.

Short screen overview

Column name Description
Name The location name as defined in Linnworks
  • check the box to enable fulfilment centre functionality
  • uncheck the box to remove the fulfilment centre functionality
  • the default location cannot be converted into a fulfilment centre
  • FBA locations will be checked as fulfilment centres automatically, will be greyed out and cannot be unchecked
  Indicates if the location is a fulfilment centre or not
  • unchecked - your warehouse
  • checked - a fulfilment centre
  • active for fulfilment centre locations only
  • use this button to set up automatic imports and exports for your fulfilment centre
  The edit button that allows updating the location details

Locations in the My Inventory screen

Use the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the My Inventory screen to view stock levels in a specific location. Please see the documentation on My Inventory for more details.


Combined stock

The combined stock is the location added to the My Inventory screen by the system. Use it to view total stock levels held in all locations.

Please note! Stock levels in the combined stock location cannot be adjusted, because it shows the total stock level across all locations.

Locations in the Open Orders screen

Use the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the Open Orders screen to view orders in a specific location.


Please note! Orders assigned to a fulfilment centre location will be parked to make sure that they are not edited after they have been forwarded to the fulfilment centre.

Move orders to different locations

You can move orders to a different location or a fulfilment centre to be dispatched from there. To do so, select an order in the Open Orders screen and right-click it. Go to Action > Bulk Change > Move to Location or Move to Fulfilment centre and select the location from the list. 

Note that when moving orders to a fulfilment centre, additional confirmation is required. Go through the message below and click Yes to fulfil an order with a 3rd party.
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Orders moved to different locations affect stock levels. The available stock in the My Inventory screen is the current stock level minus the item's quantity reserved for open orders. To reflect stock changes on your selling channels, make sure to enable the location in the channel location mapping.

Locations in Channel Integrations

Updating stock from a location

Use the channel location mapping to enable individual locations to submit stock level updates from. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel location mapping to set this up.

  •  the channel will receive stock updates from this location
  •  the channel will not receive stock updates from this location
Please note! This feature is available only when Inventory Sync is enabled. Inventory Sync can be enabled when the channel is enabled.

Download orders into a location

Select the location into which orders from your selling channels will be downloaded in the Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel location mapping > Order download location drop-down menu.

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