Fulfilment Centres

You can set a location to function as a fulfilment centre (FC) when it is owned and operated by a third-party which dispatches orders on your behalf using its own picking and packing staff as well as their own preferred couriers. In Linnworks you can: 

  • Import stock levels from your FC.
  • Export open orders to be fulfilled by the FC.
  • Import the status of orders back to Linnworks to send dispatch notifications to selling channels.
Please note! The fulfilment centre functionality is not intended to be used for FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). Please see our documentation on FBA for more details. Fulfilment centres also do not support batching.

Table of contents

Add a fulfilment centre

Add a new location and tick the checkbox in the FC column to set it up as a fulfilment centre.


Edit fulfilment centre details

Got to Inventory > Locations and click the edit  icon on the right side of the screen. Enter new details and click the Save button to apply changes. Use two additional settings in the edit location pop-up that are specific to fulfilment centres:

  1. Orders in fulfilment location affect the stock level.
  2. Fulfilment centre order process will deduct stock level.

By default, these options are unchecked. Leave these settings unchecked if you are importing stock levels from your FC on a regular basis using FC automation options.

Fulfilment centre automation

Use FC automation to set up: 


You can use FTP or SFTP method to import or export the data for the FC. You cannot set up FC automation without one of these services being available.

Go to Inventory > Locations and click the Automation button. Click the edit  icon to select the automation import/export you wish to set up.


Set up the appropriate import/export by following the steps described in the guides below:

  • Creating an import - start from step 4 as the previous steps are predefined for FC imports.
  • Creating an export - click the Next button and continue from step 4 as the name and type are predefined for FC exports.

Once completed, make sure that the import/export is enabled.


You can delete settings that you have created by clicking the delete  icon.

Please note! These imports and exports will appear in the main Import Data and Export Data screens with their type as fulfilment centre. You can use the Import and Export Data screens to edit or delete fulfilment centre imports/export. To create them, please use the Locations screen.

Automation schedule

Use the automation schedule to run FC imports or exports automatically at regular intervals on a daily basis. Use the schedule section in the import/export setup to add it. 

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