My Inventory: Export Artboard 3 1

Linnworks allows downloading an inventory list with product details into a CSV file from the My Inventory screen.


With this functionality you can:

  • Download all items that are in your current inventory view. Configure a view in My Inventory screen. You can use filters and sorting options. Once it is configured click Export button to get a list of the items from this particular view.
  • Re-download most recent files. If you need to re-download recent files, you can always do that by clicking on the caret icon next to the Export button (exporttocsv3). You’ll be able to re-download one of the last 5 files.

How to download a file from the My Inventory screen

Select items that you wish to download to a CSV file and click Export. In the new Export File screen:

  1. File Options: specify formatting options for your file such as: Download File Options
    • Delimiter: the character used to separate columns in the file.
    • Encoding: the format that you want to use when saving the file.
    • Escape character: the character used to separate columns in the file.
  2. Export options: decide which product information to exportdownloadtocsv3 v2
    • Export Type: there are 3 types
      • Inventory View: allows exporting any information which can be viewed in My Inventory as a column. You can choose which attributes to export or not to export by adjusting available columns in the Columns section below.
      • Listing Descriptions: allows exporting prices and titles from the Edit Product Details > Listing Descriptions tab.
      • Extended Properties: allows exporting product SKUs with all available extended properties.
      • There will be more types to come in the future.
  3. Columns: here you can view attributes available for exporting as columns to a CSV file. Download Columns Options
    • Tick/untick any attribute to include/exclude it from the CSV file.
    • Click on the ‘X’ icon next to a selected attribute to exclude it from the CSV file. 
    • Attributes selected for the export will be appearing under the Selected attributes’ block.
  4. Click Download Export button