My Inventory: Drag & Drop Import beta v2

The My Inventory screen supports drag & drop imports for: 

MyInventory DragDropImport v2

To import a file you need to:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with the list of SKUs and details required for the import.
  2. Select the file from your PC and drag & drop it into the My Inventory screen.
  3. Select import type:
    • KTypes
    • Images
    • Extended Properties
    • Stock Levels
  4. Map columns in the new Import screen.
  5. Click Import.

Below you will find specific details for each import type.


This import type is designed for populating kTypes for the SKUs with associated eBay Vehicle Part fitments compatibility for a specific culture. You can import the compatibility of a motor part for various models and years of cars. This import supports the following cultures: UK, DE, ES, IT, FR.

MyInventory KtypeImport

Available columns for the kTypes drag & drop import:

  • Culture
  • SKU
  • kType
  • Note
  • Include Years
  • Exclude Years


This import type allows populating local images to Linnworks stock items. For the image import, you need images and a CSV file with details. It is possible to add multiple images per SKU. In case images are kept in folders, please make sure that the path that includes folder(s) is provided in the CSV file. 

MyInventory ImagesImport

Available columns for the Images drag & drop import:

  • SKU
  • Image Path

Please see a detailed guide in the video below:


Extended Properties

This import allows you to add extended properties to stock items. Extended properties are used to define the product specifications better and later use these specifications in listings. 

MyInventory EPImport

Available columns for the Extended Properties drag & drop import:

  • SKU
  • Name
  • Value
  • Type

Stock Levels

This import allows you to import stock levels for simple items.

MyInventory StockLevelsImport

  • This import will not create stock items if they do not already exist in Linnworks.
  • Batched items and composite parents are not supported with this import type.
  • This import type will not work for the fulfillment centers. 

Available columns for the Stock Levels drag & drop import:

  • SKU (a compulsory field)
  • Location (a compulsory field)
  • Stock Level 
  • Stock Value
  • Unit Cost
  • Binrack
  • Minimum Level

Stock value calculations

There is a certain logic that should be understood for the Stock Value that is imported:

  • If the Stock Level for the SKU is 0 then the Stock Value will be set to 0 regardless of the value provided.
  • If the Stock Level is greater than 0 then the following flow applies:
    • If the stock value is supplied in the file then this amount will be used.
    • If the stock value is not supplied then unit cost will be used to calculate the stock value (Unit cost * Quantity).
  • If stock value and unit cost are not provided then:
    • If the current stock value is greater than zero then the new value will be calculated as follows (Current Stock value / Current Quantity) * New Quantity.
    • If the current stock value is zero then the purchase price will be used if greater than zero.
    • If there is no stock value and no purchase price then the stock value will be set to zero.

Please see a detailed guide in the video below: